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Mediation is one of the many types of alternative dispute resolution in which parties aim to settle disputes in a large range of situations; from employment issues to complex commercial fallouts

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  1. As is often peoples’ main concern, it is a much cheaper option compared to having your case heard before a judge in a civil court.

  2. Mediation proceedings are completely confidential, unlike litigation which is held in open court and the details are there for all to hear.

  3. It is a far quicker option to settling issues. The backlog of cases in the civil courts is huge and cases can take months if not years to be decided.

  4. Mediation is a much less hostile environment for parties to try and work through their issues. It provides a much better option for parties who want to continue a working relationship.

  5. The process is entirely flexible. Ultimately, it is up to the parties what they want to gain from discussions. The mediator is merely there to facilitate talks and not to make final decisions.

How does mediation work?

As your mediator, I would ideally read a copy of any paperwork the parties choose to provide me with. Then a location is identified and a day to mediate is set.


At the opening of the mediation, each party will provide a short history of the dispute and what they wish to gain from the mediation. I shall then take each party into their own private rooms for confidential discussions; these are called the caucus sessions. I will help the party narrow the issues that are raised in those discussions before doing the same with the other side. Caucus sessions are unlimited but as each one progresses, I will be focussing the parties on the issues at hand so that an agreement can be contemplated and ultimately reached.